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Tabasom Raisin Processing Factory

TRPF (Tabasom Raisin Processing Factory), was established in 1996 with the total area of 10000 square meters and production area of 3600 square meters in the industrial park of Kabul, Afghanistan. TRPF annually processes almost 10,000 MT graded raisin under private branding and the brands “Sun Power” & “Grape Valley”. TRPF exports the processed products to many continents such as North America, Europe, Australia and recently to some of the Asian Countries. 

TRPF has the approx. 60% share of the raisin production of Afghanistan. Most of our products are from Shamali area (well-known for its Raisins), but a part from that we also purchase our raw materials from Ghazni, Sar-e-pol (Sangcharak district) and Qandahar provinces.