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Afghan Raisins

Afghanistan is an agricultural country, which makes it home to many kinds of fruits. Dried fruits are the main export products; specifically, raisin is the number one agricultural export commodity of Afghanistan. Raisin contributes most of the agricultural export value. Prior to the Soviet invasion Afghanistan was holding the share of 10 percent of the world’s raisin production. Due to the civil war, Afghanistan faced a dramatic declination; however still have almost 2-3% share of the world market. Despite the conflicts and chaotic situation over the past three decades, Afghanistan’s still ranked in the top ten raisin exporting countries.


Processed raisins are dried seedless grapes of Vitis vinifera variety.The Raisin is prepared from clean and sun dried grapes.

The Raisin is pre-cleaned, double washed, double laser scanned, X-ray in- spected and metal detected before final check.